• To remove white space in a string in JavaScript at the starting and ending. i.e both sides of a string we have trim() method in JavaScript.
  •  By Using .trim() method we can remove white spaces at both sides of a string.
  • var str = "       instanceofjava.com        ";
  • Will alert a popup with instanceofjava.com.
Javascript remove last character if comma 
  • If  we want to remove last character of a string then we need to use replace method in JavaScript.
  • str = str.replace(/,\s*$/, "");
  • We can also use slice method to remove last character.
remove white spaces in javascript

Remove specific characters from a string in Javascript

  • To remove specific character from string in java script we can use

  1. var string = 'www.Instanceofjava.com'; 
  2. string.replace(/^www.+/i, ''); 'Instanceofjava.com'

Instance Of Java

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