• Modulo operator:  The modulo is defined as "the remainder of the two arguments ".
  • It is denoted by the symbol   "%".
  • When we divide any number with 0 i.e;    x%0 the result is zero division error.
  • We can use int, float, and double values also.
  • Those int, float, double may be either positive or negative.
x is the first argument and y is the second argument.

#1.write a python program using the modulo operator.

  1. x=10.0
  2. y=2.0
  3. print(x%y)
output: 0.0

#2.write a python program for a value divides with 0 using the modulo operator.
  1. x=10.0
  2. y=0
  3. print(x%y)
output: zero division error

Instance Of Java

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