Final variables:

    • Any variable declare along with final modifier then those variables treated as final variable.
    •  if we declare final variables along with static will became constants.
    • while declaring itself we need to assign these final variables.
    • final int a;
    Example program: 

       class finalvariabledemo{

       final int a=10;
        public static void main(String args[]){
        finalvariabledemo obj= new finalvariabledemo();
        //obj.a=24;  this will rise compile time error


    Compile time Error.

    Final Method:

    • If you declare method as final that method also known as final methods.Final methods are not overridden.means we can't overridden that method in anyway.
    • public final void add(){
       public class A{
       void add(){
       //Can't override

    Final Class:

    • If you declare class is final that class is also known as final classes.Final classes are not extended.means we can't extends that class in anyway.
    • public final class indhu{
       public class classNotAllowed extends indhu {...} //not allowed

    Instance Of Java

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