Java Programs asked in interview for freshers and 1 2 3 4 years experienced

List of Java programming interview questions : programming concepts
Java programs for practice

List of c programs for practice : problems with solutions  
  1. Print prime numbers? 
  2. How to Convert string to StringBuilder and vise-versa in Java
  3. Convert to maven project in eclipse java  
  4. How to Delete folder and subfolders using Java 8
  5. How to Convert integer set to int array using Java 8
  6. Initializing a boolean array in java with an example program
  7. How to convert list to set in java with example program
  8. Log4j example in java using properties file
  9. Implement java 8 functional interface using lambda example program
  10. Java 8 date add n seconds to current date example program
  11. How to remove html tags from string java
  12. Java 8 stream filter method example program
  13. Java 8 foreach example program
  14. Instance variables in java with example program
  15. How to read values from properties file in java example  
  16. Java read file line by line example program  
  17. Java Program to save string to text file using PrintWriter 
  18. Will Finally block execute if we place after return statement in java
  19. How to Subtract Hours from java date time 
  20. How to subtract minutes from current time in java  
  21. Print semicolon without using semicolon in java 
  22. Remove whitespace from string javascript  
  23. Java xor operator with example programs 
  24. Benefits of arraylist in java over arrays 
  25. Format text using printf() method in java   
  26. How to Sort list of objects by multiple fields in java  
  27. Java example program to round double to 2 decimal places  
  28. Java program to Convert arraylist to array 
  29. Finalize() method in java with example program 
  30. 5 Different ways to print arrays in java  
  31. Hibernate Criteria Query Language (HCQL)  
  32. How to format text using printf() method in java
  33. Final method in java with example program
  34. Java mutliple choice questions with answers on constructors  
  35. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hibernate over JDBC 

  36. How to generate unique random numbers in java  
  37. Java mcq with answers on this keyword  
  38. Quicksort algorithm in java with example program 
  39. Implementation of selection sort algorithm in java with Example program  
  40. Tower of hanoi recursive solution using Java  
  41. Creating array of objects in java example program 
  42. Finding Factorial of a Number in Java  
  43. Print Pascals triangle in java program  
  44. Deep copy   vs  Shallow copy
  45. 8 different ways to convert int to String in java 
  46. Find top two maximum numbers in a array java  
  47. Exception handling in method overriding  
  48. How to run jsp program in eclipse using tomcat 
  49. Java interface programming questions  
  50. Java program to remove vowels from string java  
  51. Java programming interview questions and answers for experienced  
  52. Java Program to reverse vowels in a string
  53. Super keyword java programs for interview for freshers and experienced  
  54. Java programming interview questions on this keyword part 1 
  55. Super keyword in  java inheritance
  56. Java programming interview questions on this keyword part 2
  57. Java programs on this keyword part 3 
  58. Servlets interview questions
  59. Find shortest palindrome string
  60. Validate email using javascript
  61. Java XML parsing using  DOM Parser 
  62. Dynamic polymorphism in Java 
  63. Find missing numbers in an array
  64. Collection vs Collections
  65. Custom iterator in java 
  66. Unreachable Blocks in java
  67. Enum in java  
  68. toString() method in java with example program
  69. Explain Hibernate Configuration file
  70. What happens if we place return statement in try catch blocks 
  71. Write a java program to convert binary to decimal 
  72. Java interview questions on exception handling 
  73. Java Program to convert Decimal to Binary
  74. Java program to restrict a class from creating not more than three objects
  75. Java basic interview programs on this keyword 
  76. Interfaces allows constructors? 
  77. Can we create static constructor in java 
  78. Super keyword interview questions java 
  79. Java interview questions on final keyword
  80. Can we create private constructor in java
  81. Java Program Find Second highest number in an integer array 
  82. Java interview programming questions on interfaces 
  83. Top 15 abstract class interview questions  
  84. Java interview Questions on main() method  
  85. Top 20 collection framework interview Questions
  86. Java Interview Program to find smallest and second smallest number in an array 
  87. Java Coding Interview programming Questions : Java Test on HashMap  
  88. Explain java data types with example programs 
  89. Constructor chaining in java with example programs 
  90. Swap two numbers without using third variable in java 
  91. Find sum of digits in java 
  92. How to create immutable class in java 
  93. AtomicInteger in java 
  94. Check Even or Odd without using modulus and division  
  95. String Reverse Without using String API 
  96. Find Biggest substring in between specified character
  97. Check string is palindrome or not?
  98. Reverse a number in java?
  99. Fibonacci series with Recursive?
  100. Fibonacci series without using Recursive?
  101. Sort the String using string API?
  102. Sort the String without using String API?
  103. what is the difference between method overloading and method overriding?
  104. How to find largest element in an array with index and value ?
  105. Sort integer array using bubble sort in java?
  106. Object Cloning in java example?
  107. Method Overriding in java?
  108. Program for create Singleton class?
  109. Print numbers in pyramid shape?
  110. Check armstrong number or not?
  111. Producer Consumer Problem?
  112. Remove duplicate elements from an array
  113. Convert Byte Array to String
  114. Print 1 to 10 without using loops
  115. Add 2 Matrices
  116. Multiply 2 Matrices
  117. How to Add elements to hash map and Display
  118. Sort ArrayList in descending order
  119. Sort Object Using Comparator
  120. Count Number of Occurrences of character in a String
  121. Can we Overload static methods in java
  122. Can we Override static methods in java 
  123. Can we call super class static methods from sub class 
  124. Explain return type in java 
  125. Can we call Sub class methods using super class object? 
  126. Can we Override private methods ? 
  127. Basic Programming Questions to Practice : Test your Skill
  128. Java programming interview questions on collections

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