Java interview questions for freshers and experienced
  1. Java interview questions on this keyword 
  2. Benefits of arraylist in java over arrays  
  3. Instance variables in java with example program
  4. Can we define Functional interface with multiple methods in java 8
  5. Java 8 java.util.function.Function with example program
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hibernate over JDBC 
  7. Math.round method() in java  
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of arrays in java  
  9. Top 100 Java practice programs with solutions 
  10. How to check if first character of a string is a number or not in java  
  11. How to format text using printf() method in java 
  12. Java program to Convert arraylist to array  
  13. Static method vs final static method in java
  14. Finalize() method in java with example program
  15. Format text using printf() method in java  
  16. How to get java source files from jar file  
  17. Quicksort algorithm in java with example program 
  18. 8 different ways to convert int to String in java  
  19. How to run jsp program in eclipse using tomcat 
  20. Exception handling in method overriding 
  21. Java interface programming questions 
  22. Java programming interview questions and answers for experienced    
  23. Super keyword java programs for interview for freshers and experienced  
  24. Validate email using javascript
  25. Super keyword in  java inheritance
  26. Java programming interview questions on this keyword part 1
  27. Java programming interview questions on this keyword part 2
  28. Servlets interview questions
  29. Java XML parsing using  DOM Parser
  30. toString() method in java with example program
  31. Collection vs Collections
  32. Dynamic polymorphism in Java  
  33. Default constructor vs no arg constructor  
  34. Method overloading interview questions  
  35. Unreachable Blocks in java
  36. Enum in java
  37. Custom iterator in java 
  38. Explain Hibernate Configuration file  
  39. Java interview questions on exception handling 
  40. Java program to restrict a class from creating not more than three objects 
  41. Abstract class and abstract method interview questions and programs  
  42. Interfaces allows constructors?
  43. Java interview questions on interfaces
  44. Can we create private constructor in java  

  45. Super keyword interview questions java 
  46. How to check internet connection using java 
  47. What is encapsulation in java ? 
  48. Java interview questions on final keyword
  49. What is constructor chaining in java? 
  50. Can we create static constructor in java 
  51. Explain java data types with example programs
  52. Inheritance programming interview questions 
  53. Explain System.out.println()?
  54. What happens When System.out.println(null)?
  55. What is non static block in java 
  56. Top 20 collection framework interview questions
  57. Explain about Enhanced for loop in java
  58. What are the oops concepts in java?  
  59. What is class and Object in java?
  60. Can we Overload static methods in java
  61. Can we Override static methods in java 
  62. Java interview Questions on main() method 
  63. Can we call super class static methods from sub class 

  64. Can you define an abstract class without any abstract methods?
  65. what are the differences between Final , finally finalize()?
  66. What is Exception? difference between Exception and Error? and types of Exceptions?
  67. Differences between method overloading and method overriding
  68. How to write custom Exception?
  69. What is serialization?
  70. What is abstract class and interfaces ?
  71. How to call garbage collector explicitly?
  72. what is cloning? difference between shallow copy/shallow cloning and deep copy /deep cloning?
  73. Difference between arraylist and vector?
  74. Producer Consumer Problem
  75. Different ways to create objects in java
  76. Different places to define object in java
  77. Why Java does not supports multiple inheritance?
  78. Difference between enumeration and iterator and list iterator?
  79. Difference between throw and throws in java
  80. What is the difference between equals() method and == operator
  81. Differences between HashMap and Hash-table
  82. Convert string to date in java
  83. Remove duplicate elements from an array
  84. Can we create Thread without extending thread and Implementing Runnable
  85. Comparable vs Comparator
  86. Singleton Design Pattern 
  87. Why StringBuffer Class not overriding Equals() method?  
  88. Draw the Architecture Diagram of your current project. 

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