Java collections interview questions:

1.Why Map interface doesn’t extend Collection interface?

  • Set is unordered collection and does not allows duplicate elements.
  • List is ordered collection allows duplicate elements.
  • Where as Map is key-value pair.
  • It is viewed as set of keys and collection of values.
  • Map is a collection of key value pairs so by design they separated from collection interface.

2.What is difference between HashMap and Hashtable?

  • Synchronization or Thread Safe 
  • Null keys and null values 
  • Iterating the values 
  •  Default Capacity 
hashmap vs hashtable

    Click here for the
    Differences between HashMap and Hash-table

    3.Differences between comparable and comparator?

    • Comparable Interface is actually from java.lang package.
    • It will have a method compareTo(Object obj)to sort objects
    • Comparator Interface is actually from java.util package.
    • It will have a method compare(Object obj1, Object obj2)to sort objects
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    4.How can we sort a list of Objects?

    •  To sort the array of objects we will use  Arrays.sort() method.
    • If we need to sort collection of object we will use Collections.sort().

    5.What is difference between fail-fast and fail-safe?

    • Fail fast is nothing but immediately report any failure. whenever a problem occurs fail fast system fails. 
    • in java Fail fast iterator while iterating through collection of objects sometimes concurrent modification exception will come there are two reasons for this.
    • If one thread is iterating a collection and another thread trying to modify the collection.
    • And after remove() method call if we try to modify collection object

    6. What is difference between Iterator ,ListIterator and Enumeration?

    • Enumeration interface implemented in java 1.2 version.So Enumeration is legacy interface.
    • Enumeration uses elements() method.
    • Iterator is implemented on all Java collection classes.
    • Iterator uses iterator() method.
    • Iterator can traverse in forward direction only.
    • ListIterator is implemented only for List type classes
    • ListIterator uses listIterator() method.
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    What is difference between Iterator ,ListIterator and Enumeration?

    7.What is difference between Set and List in Java?

    • A set is a collection that allows unique elements.
    • Set does not allow duplicate elements
    • Set allows only one null value.
    • Set having classes like :
    • HashSet
    • LinkedHashSet
    • TreeSet
    • List having index. and ordered  collection
    • List allows n number of null values.
    • List will display Insertion order with index.
    • List having classes like :
    • Vector
    • ArrayList
    • LinkedList

    8.Differences between arraylist and vector?

    • Vector was introduced in  first version of java . that's the reason only vector is legacy class.
    • ArrayList was introduced in java version1.2, as part of java collections framework.
    • Vector is  synchronized. 
    • ArrayList is not synchronized.

    9.What are the classes implementing List interface?

    • ArrayList     
    • LinkedList     
    • Vector

    10. Which all classes implement Set interface ?

    • HashSet
    • LinkedHashSet
    • TreeSet

    11.How to make a collection thread safe?

    • Vector, Hashtable, Properties and Stack are synchronized classes, so they are thread-safe and can be used in multi-threaded environment.
    • By using Collections.synchronizedList(list)) we can make list classes thread safe.
    • By using 
      java.util.Collections.synchronizedSet()  we can make set classes thread safe.

    12.Can a null element added to a TreeSet or HashSet?

    • One null element can be added to hashset.
    • TreeSet does not allow null values

    13. Explain Collection’s interface hierarchy?

    Collections interview Questions and answers java

    14.Which design pattern Iterator follows?

    • Iterator design pattern

    15.Which data structure HashSet implements

    • Hashset implements hashmap internally.

    16.Why doesn't Collection extend Cloneable and Serializable?

    • List and Set and queue extends Collection interface.
    • SortedMap extends Map interface.

    17.What is the importance of hashCode() and equals() methods? How they are used in Java?

    • equals() and hashcode() methods defined in "object" class. 
    • If equals() method return true on comparing two objects then hashcode() of those two objects must be same.

    18.What is difference between array & arraylist?

    • Array is collection of similar type of objects and fixed in size.
    • Arraylist is collection of homogeneous and heterogeneous elements.

    19.What is the Properties class?

    • Properties is a subclass of Hashtable. It is used to maintain lists of values in which the key and the value is String.

    20.How to convert a string array to arraylist?

    • ArrayList al=new ArrayList( Arrays.asList( new String[]{"java", "collection"} ) ); 
    •  arrayList.toArray(); from list to array

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    15. Collections interview questions and programs
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