• Java Server Pages is a java based web technology
  • Jsp ia J2EE technology.
  • JSP is a specification for web container manufacturers.
  • JSP is an API.
  • JSP is aweb component
  • JSP is a dynamic web resource of a web application.
  • JSP is web server side piece of code that extends functionality of web server.
  • Jsp engine is a software written in java technology according to JSP specification.

General duties of JSP:

  • Capturing user input
  • communicating with DB
  • Processing the data
  • Producing the response


  • Javax.ei
  • javax.servlet.jsp
  • javax.servlet.jsp.el
  • javax.servlet.jsp.targext

Interfaces present in javax.servlet.jsp:

  • HttpJspPage
  • JspApplicationContext
  • JspPage

 Classes present in javax.servlet.jsp:

  • ErroeData
  • JspContext
  • JspEngineInfo
  • JspFactory
  • JspWriter
  • PageContext

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