Marker interface:

  • The interfaces using which we explicitly mention or mark certain properties to the object are known as marker interface.
  • An interface that is used to check / mark / tag the given object is of a specific type to perform a special operations on that object.
  • Marker interfaces will not have methods , they are empty interfaces.

 Need of marker interface: 

  • It i used to check , whether we can perform some special operations on the passed object
  • For ex: using serializable  interface we can explicitly mention that object of a class is transferable. else it can not.
  • If a class is deriving form java.lang.Cloneable interface then that object can be cloned, else it can not
  • In side those particular methods , that method developer will check that the passed object is of type the given interface or not by using "instanceof" operator.

Predefined marker interfaces:

  1. java.lang.Cloneable
  3. java.util.RandomAccess
  4. java.util.Eventlistener
  5. java.rmi.Remote
  6. java.servlet.SingleThreadModel

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