Introduction to Servlets:

  • Java servlets are small, platform-independent Java programs that can be used to extend the functionality of a Web server in variety of ways.
  • Small java programs compiled to bytecode that can be loaded dynamically and that extends the capabilities of the host.
  •  A client program , which could be a web browser or some other program that can make connections across the internet, accesses a web server and makes a request.
  • This request is processed by the servlet engine that runs with the web server , which returns response to a servlet.
  • the servlet in turn sends a response in HTTP form to the client.
  • In functionality servlets lie somewhere between Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs.

What is Servlet? 

  •  Servlet is a java based web technology to develop server side programs to make a web site interactive.
  • Servlet is an API.
  • A collection of library interfaces and classes of two pavkages is nothing but servlet API.
  • javax.servlet.
  • javax.servlet.http
  • A collection of library methods of above two packages is nothing but servlet API.
  • Servlet is specification.
  • Servlet is a J2EE technology.

Instance Of Java

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