• Servlet is a web technology from Sun microsystems(On January 27, 2010, Sun was acquired by Oracle Corporation)
  • Servlets is a Java based web technology to develop server side programs to make a website interactive.
  • Servlet is an API.
  • Servlet is aspecification.
  • Any java based interactive website can be loaded into any brand web servlet without changing the single line of source code as web server is developed according to servlet specification.
  • Servlet is a J2EE technology.

  Web container:

  • Web container is a software that comprises of three modules 
  1. web server
  2. Servlet Engine/ servlet container
  3. Jsp  Engine / Jsp container

Servlet engine:

  • servlet  java engine is specialized software developed according to  specification
  • A jsp engine is a  specialized software developed according to  specification
  • jsp engine execute s jsps

General duties of servlet:

  • To make website interactive a servlet performs the folowing duties in general
  1. Capturing the user input
  2. communicating with database
  3. processing of data
  4. producing a dynamic page
  5. Handling over the dynamic page to the webserver

Instance Of Java

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