Byte Wrapper class Programs:

  • The java.lang.Byte class is used represent byte primitive value in form of Byte Object

  1. public final class Byte
  2. extends Number implements Comparable<Byte>

Byte Class Constructors:

1.Byte(byte value)
2.Byte(String s)

Byte Class Methods:

  • public byte byteValue() returns the value of this Byte as a byte.


  1. package com.instanceofjavatutorial;

  2. import java.lang.*; 

  3. public class ByteClass {

  4. public static void main(String[] args) {

  5.       Byte a;
  6.       a = new Byte("100");

  7.       byte t;
  8.       t = a.byteValue();

  9.       String s= "byte value of Byte object " + a + " is " + t;

  10.       System.out.println( s);

  11.    }
  12. }

  1. byte value of Byte object 100 is 100

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