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Spring Framework history:

  • Spring was developed in June,2003
  • Initially developed by Rod Johnson.
  • Latest version of  Spring Framework version 4.1.6 released in Mar 2015.

What is Spring:
  • Spring is  Open Source Framework.
  • Spring is Lightweight Application Framework. 
  • Spring is  Simple framework.
  • Spring is loosely coupled. 
  • Spring is a complete and a modular framework,because spring can be used in all layers of applications means front end(Spring MVC),Database(Spring JDBC,Spring ORM).

Why Spring:
  • Why Spring come in to picture is because of EJB fails,EJB having multiple configuration files,it is affected on performance.so spring came up.
  • Struts designed for Web Layer,like Other Frameworks also addressed specific layer,But Spring Framework provides solution to support all layers of application.
  • Spring is non invasive framework,means Spring doesn't force to implement or extend any class from predefined class from Spring API.

Advantages of Spring:
  • Spring is open source and lightweight framework.
  • Spring is supports all layers including web layer.
  • Easy for testing.
  • Spring Supports POJO Model.
  • POJO-Plain Old Java Object. 
  • Spring works in simple Java environment,because it is non,invasive.
  • Spring can be integrated with any Application Server
  • Spring simplifies J2EE development. 

Spring Modules:
 spring 1.x have seven modules,but in 2.x on wards we have 6 modules.
  • Spring Core
  • Spring DAO(Spring JDBC)
  • Spring AOP(Ascept Orient Programming)
  • Spring ORM(Spring Hibernate)
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring WEB
  • Spring Context(J2EE)  
Spring 2.x Modules:
from Spring 2.x ,Spring -WEB and Spring-MVC is combined.
  • Spring Core
  • Spring DAO(Spring JDBC)
  • Spring AOP(Ascept Orient Programming)
  • Spring ORM(Spring Hibernate)
  • Spring WEB-MVC
  • Spring Context(J2EE

spring tutorial

  • Spring is combination of various modules Seven well defined modules,Most of them are reasonably independent.
  • Spring modules built using modular approach,you can use only required modules Each module is set of one or more JAR files
  • Spring’s core module is “Inversion of Control”(IoC) also known as “Dependency Injection”.
  • All other Spring modules are built on top of IoC.IoC is a Foundation or Container of Spring Framework.
  • Spring core module is the base module for all modules.

Instance Of Java

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