1.Is it possible to create static constructor in java?
  • No. We can not create constructor with static.
  • If we try to create a static constructor compile time error will come: Illegal modifier for the constructor
Static construcotr in java interview question

2.What is the real use of constructor in java? 

  • Constructors will be used to assign instance variables with default values.
  • Whenever object is created constructor will be called so the default values for the instance variables will be assigned in this constructor.
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  1. public class ConstructorDemo {
  3.  int a,b;

  4. ConstructorDemo (int x, int y){
  6. a=x;
  7. b=y;
  9. }
  10. public static void main(String[] args) {
  12.         ConstructorDemo ob= new ConstructorDemo ();
  14.     }
  15. }

3. What is the use of static in java?
  • Static keyword is mainly used for memory management.
  • Static variables get memory when class loading itself.
  • Static variables can be used to point common property all objects.
4.Is there any alternative solution for static constructor in java

  • Static means class level.
  • Constructor will be use to assign initial values for instance variables
  • static and constructor are different and opposite from each other.
  • To assign initial values for instance variable we use constructor.
  • To assign static variables we use Static Blocks
  • We can use static blocks to initialize static variables in java.

5.what is static block in java?

  • Class loading time itself these variables gets memory
  • Static methods are the methods with static keyword are class level. without creating the object of the class we can call these static methods.

    1. public static void show(){ 
    3. }

  • Static block also known as static initializer
  • Static blocks are the blocks with static keyword.
  • Static blocks wont have any name in its prototype.
  • Static blocks are class level.
  • Static block will be executed only once.
  • No return statements.
  • No arguments.
  • No this or super keywords supported.
    1. static{ 
    3.  }
6. write a java program to assign static variables using static block

  1. package com.staticInitializer;
  3. class StaticBlockDemo 
  4. {
  6. static{
  7.       System.out.println("First static block executed");
  8. }
  10. static{
  11.      System.out.println("Second static block executed");
  12. }
  14. static{
  15.      System.out.println("Third static block executed");
  16. }
  18. }
  1. First static block executed
  2. Second static block executed
  3. Third static block executed

  1.Static Variables 

  2.Static Methods 

  3.Static Blocks

  4.Main method

Instance Of Java

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