Question: How to restrict a class from creating multiple objects?

  • Restring a class from creating multiple objects or restricting class from creating not more than three objects this type of interview questions will come for experience interview or written tests.

  • Yes we can restrict a class from creating multiple objects.
  • As we know using singleton we can restrict a class from creating multiple objects it will create single object and share it.
  • Same design pattern we can apply here with counter 
  • In this we will take a static variable counter to check how many objects created
  • As we can access static variables in constructor and static variables are class level we can stake help of static variable to count number object created.
  • First three time we will create new objects and forth time we need to return 3rd object reference. if we don't want same object 4th time we can return null
  • By printing the hashcode() of the object we can check how many objects created. 

Basic java example program to restrict a class from not to create more than three instances

  1. package com.instanceofjava;
  3. public class RestrictObjectCreation{

  4. private static RestrictObjectCreationobject;
  5. public static int objCount = 0;
  7. private RestrictObjectCreation()
  8. {
  9.      System.out.println("Singleton(): Private constructor invoked");
  11. objCount  ++;
  12. }
  14. public static RestrictObjectCreation getInstance()
  15. {
  17. if (objCount < 3)
  18. {
  20. object = new RestrictObjectCreation();
  22.  }
  24. return object;
  26. }
  28. }

  1. package instanceofjava;
  3. public class Test{

  4. public static void main(String args[]) {
  6. RestrictObjectCreation obj1= RestrictObjectCreation.getInstance();
  7. RestrictObjectCreation obj2= RestrictObjectCreation.getInstance();
  8. RestrictObjectCreation obj3= RestrictObjectCreation.getInstance();
  9. RestrictObjectCreation obj4= RestrictObjectCreation.getInstance();
  10. RestrictObjectCreation obj5= RestrictObjectCreation.getInstance();
  12. System.out.println(obj1.hashCode());
  13. System.out.println(obj2.hashCode());
  14. System.out.println(obj3.hashCode());
  15. System.out.println(obj4.hashCode());
  16. System.out.println(obj5.hashCode());
  18. }
  19. }


  1. RestrictObjectCreation(): Private constructor invoked
  2. RestrictObjectCreation(): Private constructor invoked
  3. RestrictObjectCreation(): Private constructor invoked
  4. 705927765
  5. 366712642
  6. 1829164700
  7. 1829164700
  8. 1829164700

restrict  from creating multiple objects

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