• java program to remove vowels from a string
  • To remove vowels from a string we can use predefined method of string  replaceAll()
  • By passing all vowels to the method replaceAll() with empty it will replaces all vowels with empty. 
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 Program #1: Java example program to remove all vowels from a String

  1. package inheritanceInterviewPrograms;
  2. public class RemoveVowels {
  4.     /**
  5.      * @www.instanceofjava.com 
  6.      * @String interview programs asked in interviews
  7.      * @Remove vowels from a string in java
  8.      */
  10.  public static void main(String[] args) {
  12.         String str = "RemoveVowels";
  13.         String resustr = str.replaceAll("[aeiouAEIOU]", "");
  14.         System.out.println(resustr);
  16.     }
  18. }


  1. RmvVwls

Program #2: Java example program to remove all vowels from a String by taking input from user

remove vowels from string

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