• Now we are going to see how to play online streaming videos with English subtitles or your language subtitles.
  • Whenever we want to see some movie we will search it on search engine like google and will choose one site then will play the movie but we wont find sub titles for it then we will shift to another site for online streaming.
  • Then we will download the movie and add the subtitles to the player.
  • So instead of downloading and adding. we need to add subtitles online itself.
  • Now we will see  how to add subtitles to online streaming movie 
  • Now watch movies with English subtitles.

How to add subtitles to online streaming movie:

  •  We need to add add on to our browser . if you are using Firefox:
  • Then add : Online subtitles 1.0.1 to your Firefox.
  • Provide an easy way of adding subtitles to online videos.With this addon users can add subtitles to online videos. In this way downloading the video for subtitling is avoided.
    To add subtitles:
    1. You must first copy the contents of the .srt file to the clipboard.
    2. Right click a video.
    3. Click on the menu: Paste subtitles from clipboard.

Step #1: add Online subtitles 1.0.1 to your Firefox.

watch movies with english subtitles online streaming

 Step #2: download the .srt file of the movie 

  • After adding firefox extension download .srt file of the movie
  • And open with notepad and copy.
Step #3: open online video and right and add subtitles

  • Now right click on the movie and select paste subtitles from clipboard. 
  • Enjoy watching online movies with English, french .... subtitles
  • Watch English movies online for free without downloading
  • Watch Hollywood movies with subtitles watch Hindi movies with English subtitles.
  • watch Hollywood horror movies online free without downloading with subtitles 
  • watch korean movies with english subtitles
watch hollywood movies with english subtitles online

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