• How can we count upper case letter in String  java ?
  • How to find uppercase letters in String  java?
  • How to find capital letters in string in java?
  • How u discover the capital letter given sentence?
  • Yes We can find uppercase or capital letters in a String using isUpperCase() method of Character class in java
  • In order to find number of uppercase letters in a string of all capital letters in a string we need to iterate all characters of a string in a loop and check individual characters are uppercase letters or not using Character class provided isUpperCase() method.

Program #1: Java example program to find all capital letters / Uppercase letters in a String

  1. package findUppercaseletters.String;
  2. public class FinfUppercaseLetters {
  4.     /**
  5.      * @website: www.instanceofjava.com
  6.      */
  8.  public static void main(String[] args) {
  11.   String str= "How to Print Uppercase Letters in Java";
  13.     for (int i = 0; i < str.length(); i++) {
  15.             if(Character.isUpperCase(str.charAt(i))){    
  16.             System.out.println(str.charAt(i));
  17.             }
  19.  }
  21. }
  23. }


  1. H
  2. P
  3. U
  4. L
  5. J

Program #2: Java example program to count number of upperCase letters in a String

how to find uppercase letters in a string in java

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