• Static means class level and non static means object level.
  • Non static variable gets memory in each in every object dynamically.
  • Static variables are not part of object and while class loading itself all static variables gets memory.
  • Like static variables we have static methods. Without creating object we can access static methods.
  • Static methods are class level. and We can still access static methods in side non static methods.
  • We can call static methods without using object also by using class name.
  • And the answer to the question of  "is it possible to call static methods from non static methods in java" is yes.
  • If we are calling a static method from non static methods means calling a single common method using unique object of class which is possible. 

Program #1: Java example program to call static method from non static method.

  1. package com.instanceofjava.staticinterviewquestions;
  2. public class StaticMethodDemo {
  4. void nonStaticMethod(){
  6.         System.out.println("Hi i am non static method");
  7.         staticMethod();
  8.  }
  10.  public static void staticMethod(){
  12.         System.out.println("Hi i am static method");
  13.   }
  15.  public static void main(String[] args) {
  16.         StaticMethodDemo obj= new StaticMethodDemo();
  18.         obj.nonStaticMethod();
  20.     }
  22. }

  1. Hi i am non static method
  2. Hi i am static method

  • In the above program we have created object of the class and called a non static method on that object and in side non static method called a static method.
  • So it is always possible to access static variables and static methods in side non static methods

 Program #2: Java example program to call static method from non static method.

Instance Of Java

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