• By Using Hibernate Native SQL we can write database dependent queries as part of hibernate.
  • Hibernate Native Sql allows us to write create , update,  delete and insert queries.
  • We can also call Stored procedures using Hibernate Native Sql.
  • When the query is too complex using HQL then we need to use hibernate sql query.
  • Hibernate uses the org.hibernate.SQLQuery interface for native SQL
    1. SQLQuery is a sub interface of Query
    2. Use createSQLQuery() factory method on Session to create SQLQuery object.
  •  Hibernate SQLQuery must be associated with an existing Hibernate entity or scalar result.

Hibernate native sql insert query example

  1. Session session = sessionFactory.openSession();
  2. session.beginTransaction();
  4. SQLQuery insertsqlQuery = session.createSQLQuery("INSERT INTO
  5. Physician(firstname,lastname,fee,hospital)VALUES(?,?,?,?)");
  7.  insertsqlQuery.setParameter(0, "Saidesh");
  8.  insertsqlQuery.setParameter(1, "Kilaru");
  9.  insertsqlQuery.setParameter(2, 50); 
  10.  insertsqlQuery.setParameter(3, "Yashoda");        
  11.  insertsqlQuery.executeUpdate();

 Hibernate scalar query example

  • Writing a Hibernate Sql query to get list of  scalars or values from single or multiple tables.
  • Lets see an example on Hibernate scalar query.

  1. String hibernate_sql = "SELECT first_name, fee FROM  Physician";
  2. SQLQuery query = session.createSQLQuery(hibernate_sql);
  3. query.setResultTransformer(Criteria.ALIAS_TO_ENTITY_MAP);
  4. List results = query.list();

 Hibernate named sql Queries

  • Writing a Hibernate Sql query to get entity object by using addEntity() method.
  • Lets see an example on Hibernate named sql query

hibernate native sql query parameters scalar

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