Disadvantages of array in java
  • Arrays are Strongly Typed.
  • Arrays does not have add or remove methods.
  • We need to mention the size of the array. Fixed length.
  • So there is a chance of memory wastage.
  • To delete an element in an array we need to traverse through out the array so this will reduce performance.

Advantages of arrays:

  • We can access any element randomly by using indexes provided by arrays.
  • Primitive type to wrapper classes object conversion will not happen so it is fast.
  • Array can store many number of elements at a time.

Arrays in java   InstanceOfJava

Java interview programs on arrays:

  • Check below for some of the interesting java interview programs on arrays.

Five different ways to print arrays in java:

Creating array of objects in java:

Java program to find missing numbers in an array:

Find second highest number in java arrays:

Convert arrayList to array:

Copy all elements of  hash set to Object array:

Instance Of Java

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