Else Statement in Python:

  • The if statement alone tells us that if a condition is true it will execute a block of statements and if the condition is false it won’t. But what if we want to do something else if the condition is false. Here comes the else statement.
  • We can use the else statement with if statement to execute a block of code when the condition is false

if (condition):

    # Executes this block if

    # condition is true


    # Executes this block if

    # condition is false

#1: Python program to illustrate If else statement
  1.  i = 2;
  2. if i< 1:
  3.     print ("i is smaller than 1")
  4.     print ("i'm in if Block")
  5. else:
  6.     print ("i is greater than 1")
  7.     print ("i'm in else Block")
  8. print ("i'm not in if and not in else Block")

  1. I is greater than 1
  2. I'm in else Block
  3. I'm not in if and not in else Block

Instance Of Java

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