• The process of calling a function by itself is called recursion and the function which calls itself is called recursive function.
  • Recursion is used to solve various mathematical problems by dividing it into smaller problems. This method of solving a problem is called Divide and Conquer. In programming, it is used to divide complex problem into simpler ones and solving them individually.
  • In order to prevent infinite recursive call,we need to define proper exit condition in a recursive function.

  • Python program to show recursive function

    • n=4
    • def  a(n):
    •  if n==0:
    •     return 0
    •  else:
    • print(n)
    • Return a(n-1)

    • Python range for float numbers
    • Limitation of  python’s range() function
    • The main limitation of Python’s range() is it works only with integers. Python range() doesn’t support the float type i.e., we cannot use floating-point or non-integer number in any of its argument.
    • For example,  Let’s see the following source code
    • for num in range(0, 5.5, 0.1):
    •   print (num)
    • If you try to execute above code Python will raise a TypeError: ‘float’ object cannot be interpreted as an integer.

    • Now, Let see how to generate the range for float numbers? There are various ways to do this Let see one by one with the examples.
    • Use numpy’s arange() function to generate the range for float numbers in Python.
    • We can use the numpy module of Python programming language to get the range of floating-point numbers.

    • NumPy library has various numeric functions and mathematical functions to operate on multi-dimensional arrays and matrices.
    • NumPy has the arange() function to get the range of a floating-point number.
    • arange() function has the same syntax and functionality as python range() function.
    • Additionally, it also supports floating-point numbers in any of its argument.
    • i.e., we can pass float number in the start, stop and step arguments.

    Syntax of numpy’s arange() function: –
    • arange (start, stop, step)
    • Let demonstrate the use with the following example.

    Instance Of Java

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