let us know in detail about the python power operator.

  1. Power operator  is one of the arithmetic operator .. 
  2.  In python the power operator  can  be used  to calculate the  power of a number or  exponential .  
  3.  The power  operator in python is denoted by " ** " symbol. 
  4.  It always returns the float types values  only.
  5.  The power operator is having the  second highest  priority in the operator precedence as first priority goes to parenthesis. 
  6.  The power operator can be calculated in two ways :
  7.             1.  using **

                2.  using pow()function.

    • For two arguments we write the power as (a,b) i.e  a to the power of b
    • For three it is written as (a,b,c) i.e x to the power of b, modulus c.
    • The syntax for 3 arguments is (a,b,c).

    Now let us  go to  some practical examples:

    #1.write a python program to calculate the power of a number

    1. x=12**2
    2. print(x)
    3. 144

    #2.write a python program to calculate the power of a number.

    1. x=1**2
    2. print(x)
    3. 1

    Instance Of Java

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