• Operators are nothing but the special symbols used in between the operands.
  • In python, we use the operators to perform some arithmetic, logic, and some more operations.
  • These operations are performed on the variables, values, arguments nothing but the operands.
  • We can perform operations on one or more operands.
  • In python, we have six operators.
  • Arithmetic( to add),comparison(to compare), logical( perform logical operations), bitwise(cal bitwise operations), assignment(assign values), special(check address and content ).

1.Arithmetic operator:

  • It is also called a math operator and it applicable for all int and float types values.
write a python program using the math operators/arithmetic operators.

2. comparison operator:

  • It compares and shows the relation of variables.
write a python code using comparison operators.

3. Logical operator: 

  •  This operator performs the logical operations on variables.
  • There are 3 logical operators.
write a python program using logical operators.

4. Bitwise operator:

  • It is used to perform bit-wise calculations.
  • We have 6 operators and applied to int and bool.
write a python code using bitwise operators.

5. Assignment operator:

  • It assigns the values to variables.
  • we have 12 operators in it.
write a python program using the assignment operators.

6.Special operator:

  • In, not in and is, is not are special operators.
  • Membership operators and identity operators are 2 types in it.
  • Membership operator is used to giving member is present in the list or not.
  • eg: list=[1,2,3]
  • pint(1 is a list )
  • output: true.
write a python program using the special operator.

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