• In python, concatenation is defined as "the process of combining or joining or merging one string with the other string".
  •  It uses the plus operator for combining the strings.
  • The string must be enclosed with single quotations or double.
  • Type conversion is needed.
  • We can combine an integer value with a string by using the str(int) function.
  • The plus(+) operator is used to combine the string at the end of the string.
  • The % string format operator is used to combine the string anywhere we want.
Syntax: str1+str2

#write a python program to demonstrate concatenation function.

  1. a="python"
  2. b="programming"
  3. x=a+b
  4. print(x)
  5. str1="python"
  6. str2=str(3.0)
  7. str=str1+str2
  8. print(str)
Output: pythonprogramming

Instance Of Java

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