find substring():

  • The find substring is used to find the substring from the string.
  • Substring is the piece of characters from the string.
  • If the string consists of the given string then it returns the index number of the substring. 
  • The string must be enclosed with single or double-quotes.
  • It returns -1 if the substring does not found instead of an error.
  • find() has 3 parameters,they are:
  1. value: The value to be search
  2. start:  from where to search
  3. end:  from where to stop searching.
Syntax: str.find(value,start,end)

#write a python code to demonstrate the find substring function.

  1. txt="learning is a life time process"
  2. txt=txt.find("i")
  3. print(txt)
  4. s="apple"
  5. s=s.find("b")
  6. print(s)

Output: 5

Instance Of Java

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