• The division operator in python is used to perform the division operations.
  • It divides the left-side values with the right-side value and gives the remainder.
  • In other languages, we have only one division operator but in python, we have 2 division operators.
  1. division.
  2. floor division.
 1.Division: In division when we divide values we get the result in floating type.
It is denoted by the symbol "/".

Example: write a python code for integers using a division operator.

  1. x=20
  2. y=4
  3. print(x/y)

2.floor division(//):  In the floor division when we divide the values we get the whole number only.
It is denoted by the symbol "//".

Example: write a python program for integer values using floor division.

  1. x=20
  2. y=4
  3. print(x//y)
output: 5

Instance Of Java

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