• Now its time to practice some java programs.
  • Here we provided some java interview programs and basic programs with solutions to practice.
  • Java programming exercises for beginners and experienced programmers.
  • We have also provided some java multiple choice questions and answers.
  • Lets see what are the top 100 java interview questions we have listed

java programs to practice

 1.Restricting a class from creating more than three objects.
  •  Restring a class from creating multiple objects or restricting class from creating not more than three objects this type of interview questions will come for experience interview or written tests.

 2.Print message without using System.out.println() method.

3.What happens when we try to print null?

4.Constructor Chaining in java

  • Constructor chaining in java with example programs to practice for freshers [Solution]

5.Fibonacci series with recursion

6. Print pascals triangle.

  •  Java example program to print pascals triangle [Solution]

7.Get top two maximum numbers in an array
  • How to get top two maximum numbers in java [Solution]

8.Merge sort algorithm in java
  • Merge sort algorithm with an example program to practice [Solution]

9.Java Interview Programming questions on this keyword.
  • Here we have provided some java programs and you need to find out the output of the program.
  • Practice and get the output check the programs on this keyword [Solution]

10. Abstract class interview Programming questions

11.Multiple choice interview programs and questions to practice.

  • Multiple choice java interview programs on this keyword [Check here]
  • Core java multiple choice questions with answers on method overloading [Check here]
  • Multiple choice programs to practice on static keyword [Check here]
  • Constructors java interview programs for freshers [Check here]
  • Mentioned questions are top java interview questions and programs

13. Oops concepts Programming questions to practice : Java beginner practice problems

  • Constructor in interface ? [Solution]
  • Can we create private constructor in java ? [Solution]
  • Super keyword in java inheritance ? [Solution]
  • Can we override static methods in java? [Solution] 
  • Can we overload static methods in java? [Solution]  
  • Can we call sub class methods using super class object ? [Solution]

14.Java programming exercises with solutions on java Strings

15.java programming practice questions and answers on collections

16. Exception handling interview questions and programs.

Instance Of Java

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