1.Java Interview Questions  

2. Java programs asked in interviews

3.Java Quiz

4.Java Concept and interview Questions


Java Basics:

  1. Introduction to Java
  2. Coding standards , Naming convention and Identifiers  
  3. Top 10 uses of Java Keywords
  4. Java Data Types 
  5. Java data types with example programs 

  6. Basic Operators in java
  7. Method and type of Methods
  8. Set and get methods in java
  9. 8 different ways to convert int to String in java   
  10. Access Specifiers/Modifiers
  11. Packages in java
  12. public static void main(String[] args)
  13. JVM Architecture
  14. Object class in java 
  15. Command line arguments
  16. Var Args in java
  17. Type Casting in java
  18. Static Import
  19. Enhanced For loop 
  20. Enum in java


Java Features: Java tutorials

  1. Java Versions Introduction
  2. Java 7 Features
  3. 8 New Java 8 features
  4. Java 8 Interface Default and Static methods


Object Oriented Concepts:

  1. OOPS Introduction
  2. Encapsulation 
  3. Class and Object
  4. Four different ways to create objects in java 
  5. 5 different places to define object in java
  6. Polymorphism
  7. Method Overriding
  8. Inheritance 
  9. Constructor
  10. Constructor Overloading 
  11. Constructor Chaining
  12. Static constructor  
  13. Static Keyword
  14. This Keyword
  15. Super Keyword
  16. Super keyword interview questions java 
  17. Final Keyword
  18. Abstract class and interfaces 
  19. Interfaces in java
  20. Abstract Class and abstract methods


Wrapper classes

  1. Wrapper Classes
  2. Boxing and unboxing
  3. Boolean Wrapper class
  4. Integer Wrapper class
  5. Character wrapper class 
  6. Byte  Wrapper class
  7. Float wrapper class
  8. Long Wrapper class



  1. Arrays in java


Java String

  1. String Class In Java
  2. StringBuffer Class 
  3. String vs StringBuffer vs StringBuilder


Exception Handling

  1. Exception Handling Introduction
  2. Differences Between Exception and Error
  3. try catch finally in Java
  4. User Defined Exceptions in Java
  5. Throw vs throws 
  6. Final vs finally vs finalize()
  7. Return statement in try catch blocks 
  8. Return statement in finally block 
  9. Throw keyword in java 
  10. Multiple catch blocks in java
  11. Try block without catch block
  12. Unreachable Blocks in java
  13. Different ways to print Exception message
  14. Java interview questions on exception handling

Java Sorting algorithms

  1. Merge sort algorithm in java with example program
  2. Quicksort algorithm in java with example program 
  3. Implementation of selection sort algorithm in java with Example program
  4. Insertion sort algorithm in java programming
  5. Bubble sort algorithm in java with example


Multi threading

  1. Mutlithreading Introduction 
  2. Thread Life Cycle
  3. Different ways to create Thread in Java
  4. Synchronization 


Inner Classes:

  1. Inner Classes


 IO Streams

  1. Introduction to io Streams
  2. InputStream vs OutputStream
  3. Reading data from File using FileInputStream
  4. DataInputStream and DataOutputStream
  5. ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream
  6. PrintStream class
  7. Serialization


Date Time API

  1. Formatting Dates in Java



  1. JDBC Overview  
  2. JDBC Connection Steps Examples


Advanced Java Tutorial:


  1. Servlets in java
  2. Servlet Architecture
  3. Servlet life cycle
  4. Servlet Example program
  5. Request Dispatcher
  6. ServletConfig
  7. ServletContext
  8. Filters


  1. Jsp in Java
  2. Jsp life cycle
  3. Jsp scripting elements
  4. Jsp Directives
  5. Jsp Implicit Objects

Java Programs asked in interviews

  1. Print prime numbers? 
  2. What happens if we place return statement in try catch blocks
  3. Java program to restrict a class from creating not more than three objects
  4. Java basic interview programs on this keyword 
  5. Interfaces allows constructors? 
  6. Can we create static constructor in java 
  7. Super keyword interview questions java 
  8. Java interview questions on final keyword
  9. Can we create private constructor in java
  10. Java Program Find Second highest number in an integer array 
  11. Java interview programming questions on interfaces 
  12. Top 15 abstract class interview questions  
  13. Java interview Questions on main() method  
  14. Top 20 collection framework interview Questions
  15. Java Interview Program to find smallest and second smallest number in an array 
  16. Java Coding Interview programming Questions : Java Test on HashMap  
  17. Explain java data types with example programs 
  18. Constructor chaining in java with example programs 
  19. Swap two numbers without using third variable in java 
  20. Find sum of digits in java 
  21. How to create immutable class in java 
  22. AtomicInteger in java 
  23. Check Even or Odd without using modulus and division  
  24. String Reverse Without using String API 
  25. Find Biggest substring in between specified character
  26. Check string is palindrome or not?
  27. Reverse a number in java?
  28. Fibonacci series with Recursive?
  29. Fibonacci series without using Recursive?
  30. Sort the String using string API?
  31. Sort the String without using String API?
  32. what is the difference between method overloading and method overriding?
  33. How to find largest element in an array with index and value ?
  34. Sort integer array using bubble sort in java?
  35. Object Cloning in java example?
  36. Method Overriding in java?
  37. Program for create Singleton class?
  38. Print numbers in pyramid shape?
  39. Check armstrong number or not?
  40. Producer Consumer Problem?
  41. Remove duplicate elements from an array
  42. Convert Byte Array to String
  43. Print 1 to 10 without using loops
  44. Add 2 Matrices
  45. Multiply 2 Matrices
  46. How to Add elements to hash map and Display
  47. Sort ArrayList in descending order
  48. Sort Object Using Comparator
  49. Count Number of Occurrences of character in a String
  50. Can we Overload static methods in java
  51. Can we Override static methods in java 
  52. Can we call super class static methods from sub class 
  53. Explain return type in java 
  54. Can we call Sub class methods using super class object? 
  55. Can we Override private methods ? 
  56. Basic Programming Questions to Practice : Test your Skill
  57. Java programming interview questions on collections

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